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Topcon Gts-903a Full Robotic Wireless Total Station

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Topcon Gts-903a Full Robotic Wireless Total Station

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Topcon GTS-903A full robotic total station with 3” angle accuracy. Smaller-Lighter-Faster-Longer. The Topcon GTS 900 series of robotic total stations is the latest and most advanced system on the market today that boasts a completely new modern design, faster motors, and wireless technology and X TRAC prism tracking technology. The one touch quick locking X TRAC system set the standard for remote target acquisition in the robotics industry. Now this feature has been further refined to assure longer ranges, and faster target acquisition. The wireless RC-3 that is at the heart of the system increases range, utilizes the same batteries as the FC-200 field controller. A new, backlit keyboard provides a smart new user interface that combines efficiency and convenience. Standard rechargeable batteries power the entire Topcon instrument and field controller product lines. The new waterproof, dustproof instrument design is ready to live up to Topcon’s strict quality standards, and is ready to take the punishment of even the harshest job site conditions. With the new 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio built into the 900 series, off board-dedicated channel radios for remote operation are a thing of the past. A startling 1000m range between the instrument and the controller mean that you will never have to worry about communications range between the components of your system.


GTS-903A full robotic Total station w built in antennaRC-3H and RC-3R 360 deg.

Prism FC-200 Bluetooth Controller w RS-1 Expansion pack and TopSurv v.6.11.01 TS, ROBO, GPS+, ROADS AND MMGPS modules registered and charger      

2X BT-65Q Batteries3X BT-62Q Batteries               

2X BC-30 Chargers       

Pole Bracket for FC-200 Controller
Topcon Tribrach
Original carrying case
Owner’s manual

Magnification: 30X
Image: Erect
Angle accuracy: 3”/1 mgon
Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”
Distance measurement: 1Prism: 2,000m/6,500ft, 3Prism: 2,600 m/8,500ft, 9Prism: 3,400m/11,100ft
Distance measurement precision: +/-(2mm + 2ppm)
Distance measuring time: 0.2s in tracking mode
Distance measuring time: 1s in coarse mode
Distance measuring time: 2s in fine mode
Distance minimum display: 1mm
Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon
Display: Dual, 2 side graphic LCD, Max. 40chr. X 10 lines
Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial
Data recording: Memory card, holder
Servo driving mechanism: Servo control with slow down function
Servo coarse movement shuttle control outside: 7 speed change
Servo fine movement: Jog control Min. 1 sec.
Servo max. rotating speed: 50°/sec.
Servo Max. auto tracking speed: 5°/sec.
Tracking range: 700m/2300ft
Compensator: Liquid dual axis
Compensating range/Accuracy: 5’/0.3’
Optical plummet: Erect 3x
Weight: 7.9 kg, 17.4 lbs including tribrach and battery

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